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Xiaoxing Xi , Mark Makela/NYT/Redux

Xiaoxing Xi, Mark Makela/NYT/Redux

Sherry Chen , Maddie Mcgarvey/NYT/Redux

Sherry Chen, Maddie Mcgarvey/NYT/Redux



Despite dropped espionage charges, Sherry is being fired from her job at the National Weather Service based on the same allegations.
She is fighting back. Help her by signing this petition: bitlypetitionlink



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"The charges filed against Mr. Xi and Ms. Chen traumatized them and their families and needlessly damaged their professional reputations. Nether got an explanation or an apology from the government. They deserve both. "

           -New York Times editorial

"If the case against Xi was botched as badly as it appears to have been, the U.S. Attorney's Office can begin to undo the damage and clear his name with a full-throated acknowledgment of its errors. Merely mumbling the bureaucratic equivalent of 'Never mind' won't do. "

- Philadelphia Inquirer editorial



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