3/20/18- FBI Director Testimony Reveals and Perpetuates Racial Profiling of Chinese Americans

On February 13, 2018, FBI Director Christopher Wray provided testimony to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee at a hearing titled, “Hearing on Worldwide Threats.” In his prepared and delivered remarks, Mr. Wray revealed and perpetuated a longstanding problem of racial bias and racial profiling within the U.S. national security apparatus against people of Chinese descent.

Xiaoxing Xi , Mark Makela/NYT/Redux

Xiaoxing Xi, Mark Makela/NYT/Redux

Sherry Chen , Maddie Mcgarvey/NYT/Redux

Sherry Chen, Maddie Mcgarvey/NYT/Redux


5/10/17- Xiaoxing Xi files civil suit, accusing FBI agents of falsifying evidence

After being unjustly prosecuted, with no explanation from the federal government, Xiaoxing Xi is continuing his fight for justice by filing a lawsuit against the FBI agents who conducted the investigation against him. 

Asian American Advancing Justice's press release here



3/14/17- Sherry Chen fights to get her job back 

Following her wrongful prosecution, Sherry Chen was fired from the job she loved. She has gone to court to challenge her wrongful termination. 

Asian American Advancing Justice's press release here



2/20/17- Trump Administration Proposes Social Media Checks On Chinese Visitors

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has proposed to collect social media handles of certain visa holders from China. This policy singles out visitors from China for greater scrutiny and surveillance in the name of national security.

See the response letter from civil rights, civil liberties, and community based organizations opposing this policy, which also cites recent wrongful prosecutions of Chinese Americans for espionage-related charges: here

Say No to Customs and Border Protection Policy to target Chinese visitors. Submit a public comment here until 5/30/17.


6/21/16- Advocacy Groups Press DOJ for Investigation on Alleged Profiling of Scientists

80+ civil rights and civil liberties groups pressed the DOJ to conduct an independent investigation into the string of wrongful prosecutions against Chinese Americans for espionage-related charges

Read the letter here